Wolves day

The people of my country is a mix between romans and dacics. Now I will talk about dacics. They were involved, but it is said that they were willing to fight for freedom and defeated the romans many times. The reason why they chose as their emblem the wolf because it is one of the few animals that will refuse to befriend a human even if it is fed, meaning it is independent. However, in the end, dacics got conquered by romans, but the romanization lasted only 100 years, which tells us that dacics actually had a lot in common with romans. Back to the wolf, one of the most popular tradition was that a newborn to be fed with milk only from a recipient made out of wolf skin. After the romanization, the christian church wanted to make dacics get rid of pagan traditions and symbols (they believed in more gods). So they came up with St. Andrews, which got set on the same date as the wolf’s day, on 30 November. On St. Andrews garlic is out around the house to “get rid of evil spirits”. This might also be a trace of connection between vampires and garlic. One of the country’s leaders was said to be so evil, he was a vampire.