Iran, America and WW III-What is happening

Many of you probably have woken up a few days ago and seen a lot of memes about WW3. And those who missed the news are probably wondering: What is happening? Are we going to die? Is this yet another joke? (it is not). Unfortunately, this is not a joke. This is a serious subject that has to be treated seriously.

How it started

On Friday, January 3rd president Donald Trump lunched a drone strike on iranian soil. This resulted in the death of the most important iranian general, Qasem Soleimani when he was at Baghdad airport. It is said that in response, Iran is offering $80Mil for whoever kills Donald Trump. The president’s twitter is also a good place to look in order to find out about his intents.

As you can see, Trump is threatening Iran with war. So if Iran will retaliate, NATO will be involved in this battle, as well as Iran and its allies. I believe you know that this might start a third world war. So if you have