My thoughts on conspiracy theories

      Many of us have already seen a clickbait video on youtube or actual articles about conspiracy theories. But what are they actually? They are just thoughts said by groups of people or an individual, but they are not CONFIRMED. Probably this is because the theories are directed to the media, governments, etc, and they are in higher control. The issue that makes these theories invalid is the lack of proof or sometimes even basic explanations. They are just a bunch of random things that can be said by anyone.

      Lots of people take a CONSPIRACY THEORY for a conspiracy. These two are different things. The theory is unproven, while the conspiracy itself has basic proof or explanations.

The chemtrails theory

       Chemtrails are biological agents (viruses, bacteria, CHEMICALS) left by planes behind. This is why planes leave that white trail behind. I will destroy this  unproven fact, which is actually not a fact, in a few seconds:

      First of all, there is no evidence that the trails are chemicals. The air at high altitudes is colder and airplane engines just leave hot air behind, so the water in the atmosphere condensates around the hot air trails. This is why, they are called CONtrails, not CHEMtrails. Besides, sometimes when there are clouds on the sky, planes don’t leave trails behind: all the water is in the clouds.

There are pictures and videos that eventually prove NOTHING! It is all staged! I traveled a lot in different types of planes and got inside cockpits. No such thing was aboard!

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