What is it like in Alanya, Turkey?


Alanya is a city in Turkey, located 140KM away from Antalya. It is considered an important tourist attraction, and it is not considered an attraction just for nothing. It offers a few astonishing ruins, museums and beaches to visit. Or you can pick a ticket for one of the many organised trips avaliable.

The weather

What is very surprising is that altough Turkey is a hot country, which also happens to have a decreased air humidity, this region is perfect to spend your holiday. Because of the mountains, the humidity is just perfect and you have bad luck if the temperature is too high when you go there. But most importantly, the sea water is always warm, so you don’t have to get used to the water because it is too cold before going in for a swim.


Alanya also has amazing hotels. For 70$ per night you can get a room in a 5-star hotel, with two meals included: breakfast and dinner. But if you want to stay at a hotel that also has an aquapark (there are many of those) and ultra all inclusive (you eat and drink whenever and as much as you want), you have to pay around 120$ per night, which is a fair price.

Some pictures

So, in conclusion, I can say that Alanya is a place worth visiting. Me, being a snob, I enjoyed my stay there and would go again.