News on TV is the past. Only old people still watch those. You might be saying that the internet is a better place for news. Well, it is NOT! Actually, it is worse than the TV news, mainly because on TV you are not allowed to broadcast clickbait. On internet you can post random, useless information. Of course some of the information we see is useful, for example, we can learn that a murderer is free and is roaming around our neighborhood. Or maybe just entertaining things.
But what I hate the most is when popular news channels and sites like Fox news posts dumb things. Take, for example, one of the latest fox news articles:

Church fire leads to discovery of illegal gambling room, authorities say

“There was no fire in the church, but there was a gambling room discovered and after the people in there got arrested, they got released”. You are welcome, I have just said in 2 rows what the article says in 8 rows. Eight rows! This is NOT a decent article! Besides, there is nothing we can do with this information, is too short to be entertaining, so why would anyone care? Moreover, there is no photo of the room.


Ok, say this is a bad article, so let’s check the entertainment category. Oh! There is nothing entertaining here! This is just a bunch of “news” about Thanksgiving and about how Justin Bieber got married again and this is his first thanksgiving whle married. THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINING!


Tekashi 6ix9ine transferred from federal jail for ‘security reasons’: report