My country’s urban legends

       Urban legends are creepy stories, definitely NOT based on facts. I don’t know what are the most popular urban legends in other countries, but in mine are the following:

       The Black Ambulance

There is a popular myth only mindless people believe, which actually started in other balcanic countries, about an ambulance that is black and kidnaps people to take their organs. Organ trafficking is an issue around the world, in general, but in my country, it got for no apparent reason the name of Black Ambulance.

      The Hoiabaciu Forest

In my country, there is a forest which is said to be haunted. The whole thing about this forest did not start recently, it started before 1995, when the internet access in my country was extremely limited, so it had no influence on this legend. There are many people that claim to have seen ghosts, or had hallucinations. Personally, I won’t believe those rumors until I go there and see myself. Too bad I live far away from that place.


In this region, many fights during WW2 took place, and one of the country’s leaders is said to have been extremely cruel. By this means that many castles in this area are said to be haunted and people can hear screams from inside.


       Bezid lake


There are more than eight whole villages that were completely flooded. But in this lake, there is also a church. People could flee the place, so there were no reported casualties. However, priests still claim that there was a woman which drowned in there during the flood. She attempts to strangle anyone who has tight connections with the church, because no one helped her.


       The killer lake

Many years ago, there was a village by a lake. One day, the people woke up in the morning, sensing a rotten egg smell. The next morning, pigs, cows, horses, were all dead, lying on the ground. Older people also died. There was a research team sailing on the lake. The explanation for the deaths was that underneath the lake there was gas stuck under the ground and it was slowly leaking, reaching the surface and filling the village. Of course, there are legends that say that old people chocking can still be heard in the village and horses, too.