Juice Wrld dead

Today, on this Sunday morning we lost another great artist. Juice Wrld, the rapper that sang “Lucid dreams” (A.K.A “I still see your shadows in my room”) has died from a seizure in Midway airport, in Chicago. He was still aliveĀ andĀ conscious when paramedics arrived at the scene, but died not long after he was rushed to a hospital. The reason why he suffered a seizure is still unknown. Unfortunately, this does not make us feel any better, since Juice just turned 21 two weeks ago, on Monday, meaning he had a whole life ahead. Unlike many other artists that gained popularity just after they have deceased, Juice Wrld’s fans have been there for a significantly longer time.

Apparently, after he got off a private plane in Midway he died from opioids overdose. He also had tens of kilograms of marijuana on the plane. It is thought that he tried to hide those pills, so he decided to ingest them.


R.I.P Juice Wrld