How to fall asleep faster


Falling asleep might be a problem for some people. So I am here to help you with some tips, because I know what is it like struggling to fall asleep.


In order to fall asleep faster, you need to go to bed a little later and always change your sleeping routine, even by just 10-15 minutes (sometimes go to sleep 10-15 minutes later or earlier).

Staying in a chilly room helps you fall asleep faster, no matter where you are. Just make sure you do not feel unconfortably cold (it is not good to feel too cold).

Also, sleep with few clothes on, covered by a blanket. The blanket usually makes skinnier people feel more confortable when falling asleep, since making contact with other parts of your body (hand directly under head, no pillow) is unconfortable. Besides, the blanket acts as something that “defends” us, but this happens just in our subconscious.

Last but not least, try zoning out, lose focus of everything. Close your eyes and stare into darkness, towards your eyelids.