Grand Theft Auto-GTA VC

The storyline

The protagonist of the game is Tommy Vercetti, which gets into Vice City city after leaving prison. However, for him, life there is not easy. Everyone wants him dead.

  The Forelli Family (from GTA III) leader, Sonny, sends Tommy to a drug deal. Everyone is ambushed, but Tommy survives, losing the money and the cocaine. He informs Sonny that the deal was just a trap. Sonny lets Vercetti handle the situation by himself. Ken Rosenberg (who drove Tommy to the deal) tells Tommy about Juan Cortez, a formal colonel who set up the deal.

Later, Kent Paul tells Tommy that Teal knew what happened at the deal. The protagonist kills him and another survivor of the ambush, Lance Vance, teams with Tommy, both willing to take the money and drugs back. After this, Tommy is introduced by Rosenberg to Avery Carrington, who offers him protection from possible threats in exchange for work.

Tommy also works for Cortez, killing Gonzales, who is also responsible for the ambush. After a while, he and Lance assist another deal between Diaz’ Gang and the Cubans. This deal is also ambushed, Vercetti fighting back. He and Lance are offered work from Diaz. Later on, Lance finds out that Diaz’ Gang was behind the first ambush. Tommy wanted to perform a well-planned assassination (gain Diaz’ trust), but Lance uncovers them by trying another plan. Now that their cover was blown, they go straight to Diaz’ home and kill him.

Tommy slowly takes over the town by buying busineses, but Sonny gets impatient and personally comes in the city to get his money back. Tommy wants to give him fake money, but Lance betrays him by snitching that to Sonny. The Forellis try to kill Tommy. As revenge, he kills Lance Vance and Sonny. In the end, he makes Rosenberg his right hand.