Florida men hijack UPS truck, 4 dead

Today, on 6th of December 2019 an UPS truck was hijacked by two jewelry robbers that robbed Regent Jewelers around 4 P.M. They drove around 32 kilometers, when the police attempted to apprehend the suspects (Jerome Ronnie, Lamar Alexander, both 41, from Miami-Dade). In response, the robbers opened fire in a busy intersection in Miramar, just north of Miami. The truck driver, Frank Ordonez was killed (on his first day as a driver, at 27 years old) and the hijackers were shot dead. The forth casualty was a bystander. It is still not 100% clear who shot the innocent citizen.

Besides these four victims, there was a fifth person that was seriously injured, a woman employee which was working in the jewelry store when the heist began. She was shot (by a ricocheting bullet) in the head, by the shop owner, who was trying to take down the attackers. She is currently alive.