Grand Theft Auto- GTA III

       I have just finished GTA5 and I chose to write this.

       We all heard about Grand Theft Auto. Complete missions, free roam, have fun testing mods and more! Here I will only talk about the more popular GTA games. Besides GTA III, GTA Vice City, San Andreas, IV, and GTA V there are less popular GTA’s which, in my opinion, are not worth playing, such as GTA Chinatown Wars, which… Well, see for yourselves what it looks like.

       GTA III

       This one is the very first 3D GTA. The story is quite simple: Claude, the protagonist, robs a bank with his girlfriend, Catalina and another man, Miguel. The men get shot by the girl and Claude is arrested. The police convoy is ambushed, the bridge that connects the rest of the city is destroyed by a bomb and Claude together with 8-Ball (who owns a car modification shop to install bombs) escape. Being stuck in that city, the protagonist makes a living by working for a club manager, Luigi, for Joey, the mechanic, Leone Salvatore, and Toni Cipriani. He mostly fights against the Triads and Forelli family. However, before finishing his work for Leone, he has the last job. To take a car and destroy it. Just before Claude reaches the car, he is warned by Maria that the car is just a trap. He meets her at the docks, together with her friend, Asuka. They all move to another island. Claude does various jobs for Asuka, killing Leone to prove loyalty and against the police and a casino manager altogether with a man which is found at a public bathroom.

       In the end, Claude finds Asuka and Miguel (not that important) dead, along with a note asking for 500.000$ ransom in exchange for Maria’s life. When Claude arrives at the location, the Cartel Mansion, Catalina flies away, leaving Maria on the dam with some men. Claude kills Catalina by shooting the helicopter and the men. As the screen turns black, there is a last gunshot. This is heard after Maria complains about her hair being ruined. Is this some dark humor or was she shot by Claude to not speak about anything?

The problem with racism

Many of us already know why racism is bad. But:

White people are the minority since Asians and Black people are more in number.

Back to the subject, there are people that get offended for good reasons, since they are victims of racism, but some of them become extremely annoying, because they get offended and overreact over non-existent racism acts.  For example, most of the black people get offended when they hear the N word (nigga), but that is just an appellative, which is not even addressed only to black people. It also means black, so they offend themselves, underestimating their skin color, thinking that was addressed to them for offensive purposes. It is just like that classmate that induces himself in a stupid, worthless depression stage then he calls life a mess. Now, don’t get me wrong, I find black people working in retail, for example, more friendly than white ones. It is in their genes. But usually, they are also the loud ones. That is not necessarily a bad thing since that makes them better at speaking and acting, but if you try to stop a black person from holding their point (interrupt them) they will get offended in a serious way. Many things like this also happen to Asians.

Stereotyping is also something that is not supposed to offend anyone, but it does. Why? Because people hate when others assume that they are something or do something they do not. I was told I wear the same clothes every day. For some reason, that offended me, even if I did not wear the same clothes.

A simple life hack

Are you going on a holiday and you are afraid to embarrass yourself? Take this advice: Carefully read for about 10 minutes about what problems that country has or even search for what the people of that country hate.

Example: In England you can end up in a fight or argument if you joke about drinking (their policy is harsh) or talk with a superior tone to emigrants (it's easy to spot one, they just stand out). Let's say they laugh loudly in a canteen. Instead of saying: "Shut up!" or "Keep it quiet", say:"Ummmm... Excuse me... Can you please keep your voices a little bit lower?" But you have to say this as you are a waiter. Do not be too bossy but neither too scared, so they will somehow feel bad if they will keep being noisy.

Wolves day

The people of my country is a mix between romans and dacics. Now I will talk about dacics. They were involved, but it is said that they were willing to fight for freedom and defeated the romans many times. The reason why they chose as their emblem the wolf because it is one of the few animals that will refuse to befriend a human even if it is fed, meaning it is independent. However, in the end, dacics got conquered by romans, but the romanization lasted only 100 years, which tells us that dacics actually had a lot in common with romans. Back to the wolf, one of the most popular tradition was that a newborn to be fed with milk only from a recipient made out of wolf skin. After the romanization, the christian church wanted to make dacics get rid of pagan traditions and symbols (they believed in more gods). So they came up with St. Andrews, which got set on the same date as the wolf’s day, on 30 November. On St. Andrews garlic is out around the house to “get rid of evil spirits”. This might also be a trace of connection between vampires and garlic. One of the country’s leaders was said to be so evil, he was a vampire.

About myths

I have realised that I write as if I am writing a speech

       Many people believe in myths. Some of these myths are more believable, while others are not so and you must be living under a rock to believe them.

     Just Myths

       Chewing gum will only digest after a long time.

No, it won’t! It will digest normally, since gastric acid can even dissolve a razor blade. In the worst case, you will be constipated. However, gum has many chemicals in it, so avoid swallowing it!

       Spiders will enter your mouth while you are asleep

This is one of the dumbest myths I have ever heard. Spiders have no reason to enter a human’s mouth, even if it is warm, since it is too wet. Also, who sleeps with the mouth wide open?

       Antibiotics eliminate viruses.

Nope. They destroy bacteria, not viruses. They are two different things. First of all, viruses are smaller and need a host to live in (living thing) and duplicate inside them. Bacteria also live outside a host. Some types of bacteria help digestion, so bacteria also brings good things, while viruses won’t.

       Five senses

Five senses are mentioned (taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing) but in addition, there are: orientation(know where you are in a space) thermoception and equilibrioception (feel temperature, be able to feel changes in balance). There is also interoception (be aware of the pshyhical condition of your own), but this might as well count as seeing and touching togheter.

       Earthworms can split and regenerate

We all heard this: if you cut an earthworm, both halves will still be alive and regenerate, so there will be two worms. Some worms can, but earthworms have a distinct head and tail, so they can’t regenerate. Try cutting one in half. It won’t live

       Some animals ignore their babies if touched by a human

They do not. They will ignore the baby if it is too sick to stay alive or if the mother is dying.


News on TV is the past. Only old people still watch those. You might be saying that the internet is a better place for news. Well, it is NOT! Actually, it is worse than the TV news, mainly because on TV you are not allowed to broadcast clickbait. On internet you can post random, useless information. Of course some of the information we see is useful, for example, we can learn that a murderer is free and is roaming around our neighborhood. Or maybe just entertaining things.
But what I hate the most is when popular news channels and sites like Fox news posts dumb things. Take, for example, one of the latest fox news articles:

Church fire leads to discovery of illegal gambling room, authorities say

“There was no fire in the church, but there was a gambling room discovered and after the people in there got arrested, they got released”. You are welcome, I have just said in 2 rows what the article says in 8 rows. Eight rows! This is NOT a decent article! Besides, there is nothing we can do with this information, is too short to be entertaining, so why would anyone care? Moreover, there is no photo of the room.


Ok, say this is a bad article, so let’s check the entertainment category. Oh! There is nothing entertaining here! This is just a bunch of “news” about Thanksgiving and about how Justin Bieber got married again and this is his first thanksgiving whle married. THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINING!


Tekashi 6ix9ine transferred from federal jail for ‘security reasons’: report