Things to do when you are bored

1. Learn new stuff

2. Try all the existant life hacks

3. Hang up with your friends

4. Go to a cab and ask the driver to go 30 meters away.

5. Experiment with your hair. Try all the hairstyles.

6. Write a poem.

7. Listen to music.

8. Play with fidget toys.

9. Meet an old classmate.

10. Bake.

11. Do a crossword.

12. Try some DIYs from the movies you like

13. Start learning a new language

14. Roam around you city

15. Explore abandoned buildings

16. Make electrical toys.

17. Start a dream journal and write in it.

18. Train in doing stunts.

19. Try to beat a world record.

20. Build something big like a house just from cardboard.

21. Create an emergency plan.

22. Create your own paradoxes.

23. Start a transaction list.

24. Learn to make shadow puppets

25. Prepare an obstacle race for yourself.

26. Go to the cinema and buy ticket to a random movie.

27. Try making apps on android with android studio. If you want something easyer, use SKETCHWARE.

28. Make a game in scratch and post it.

29. Make a game in scratch for 2 players.

30. Go to the gym or make excercises home.

31. Visit to unsubscribe from what e-mails you want.

32. Learn and expermiment with arduino.

33. Put water into a baloon and seal it. Try stabbing the baloon with as much neddles as you can before it explodes. (the water will stop the baloon from exploding if it is sealed)

34. Start a diary.

35. Try making some pranks.

36. Make dolls out of string.

37. Make a training dummy.