Bad news-Iran attacked a military base in Iraq

A fight between USA and Iran, Australia is burning. What a great start for 2020! Also, recently Iran retaliated against USA by launching ballistic missiles, striking an american military base in Iraq. Another bad thing about this whole fight between Iran and USA is that one of Iran’s strategical allies is Russia, meaning that a war between USA among with NATO and Iran might also get Russia involved. The problem is that Russia also has nuclear weapons and powerful military equipment.

Donald Trump tweeted 11 hours ago this:

This means that a battle that would result in a war might not be imminent. In Washington, by the time this will be posted, it is 9:00 A.M. Hopefully, the tension will be reduced.

Iran, America and WW III-What is happening

Many of you probably have woken up a few days ago and seen a lot of memes about WW3. And those who missed the news are probably wondering: What is happening? Are we going to die? Is this yet another joke? (it is not). Unfortunately, this is not a joke. This is a serious subject that has to be treated seriously.

How it started

On Friday, January 3rd president Donald Trump lunched a drone strike on iranian soil. This resulted in the death of the most important iranian general, Qasem Soleimani when he was at Baghdad airport. It is said that in response, Iran is offering $80Mil for whoever kills Donald Trump. The president’s twitter is also a good place to look in order to find out about his intents.

As you can see, Trump is threatening Iran with war. So if Iran will retaliate, NATO will be involved in this battle, as well as Iran and its allies. I believe you know that this might start a third world war. So if you have

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Good luck

Juice Wrld dead

Today, on this Sunday morning we lost another great artist. Juice Wrld, the rapper that sang “Lucid dreams” (A.K.A “I still see your shadows in my room”) has died from a seizure in Midway airport, in Chicago. He was still aliveĀ andĀ conscious when paramedics arrived at the scene, but died not long after he was rushed to a hospital. The reason why he suffered a seizure is still unknown. Unfortunately, this does not make us feel any better, since Juice just turned 21 two weeks ago, on Monday, meaning he had a whole life ahead. Unlike many other artists that gained popularity just after they have deceased, Juice Wrld’s fans have been there for a significantly longer time.

Apparently, after he got off a private plane in Midway he died from opioids overdose. He also had tens of kilograms of marijuana on the plane. It is thought that he tried to hide those pills, so he decided to ingest them.


R.I.P Juice Wrld

Florida men hijack UPS truck, 4 dead

Today, on 6th of December 2019 an UPS truck was hijacked by two jewelry robbers that robbed Regent Jewelers around 4 P.M. They drove around 32 kilometers, when the police attempted to apprehend the suspects (Jerome Ronnie, Lamar Alexander, both 41, from Miami-Dade). In response, the robbers opened fire in a busy intersection in Miramar, just north of Miami. The truck driver, Frank Ordonez was killed (on his first day as a driver, at 27 years old) and the hijackers were shot dead. The forth casualty was a bystander. It is still not 100% clear who shot the innocent citizen.

Besides these four victims, there was a fifth person that was seriously injured, a woman employee which was working in the jewelry store when the heist began. She was shot (by a ricocheting bullet) in the head, by the shop owner, who was trying to take down the attackers. She is currently alive.