Wolves day

The people of my country is a mix between romans and dacics. Now I will talk about dacics. They were involved, but it is said that they were willing to fight for freedom and defeated the romans many times. The reason why they chose as their emblem the wolf because it is one of the few animals that will refuse to befriend a human even if it is fed, meaning it is independent. However, in the end, dacics got conquered by romans, but the romanization lasted only 100 years, which tells us that dacics actually had a lot in common with romans. Back to the wolf, one of the most popular tradition was that a newborn to be fed with milk only from a recipient made out of wolf skin. After the romanization, the christian church wanted to make dacics get rid of pagan traditions and symbols (they believed in more gods). So they came up with St. Andrews, which got set on the same date as the wolf’s day, on 30 November. On St. Andrews garlic is out around the house to “get rid of evil spirits”. This might also be a trace of connection between vampires and garlic. One of the country’s leaders was said to be so evil, he was a vampire.


       A misbelief is same as a myth, but it is usually made by people around you. A myth is something you heard and took it for a fact, while a misconception is slowly induced.

      The 24-hour rule

Maybe you have seen in many movies that you have to wait 24 hours before being able to report a person as missing. But this is not true! You can report it any time, as long as the absence is an unusual one, not being late for lunch ten minutes after school. This is more like missing from home or your bike is found lying by the side of the road but you are nowhere to be found, not answering phone calls.

       Origins of fortune cookies

Fortune cookies are associated with China, but in fact, the initial concept is Japanese. They are associated with China for us, Europeans because China is closer to us than Japan is. See here how I compare more things like these.                                 



420 is a popular number, which is related to marijuana. In Los Angeles, 420 is the penal code for marijuana use. But this number did not originate from the penal code. It is originated from the Californian police code 420, which prohibits public disturbance. Its use started after 4:20 P.M, when a group of students got caught smoking weed. The reason why this is where the number originates from is that this happened around 1970, much earlier than the appearance of L.A penal code 420.

       Waking a sleepwalker

It is said that waking up a sleepwalking person might cause them brain damage or worse. Actually, this is not real. In fact, if a sleepwalker suddenly wakes up, he might be confused or scared and might try to hit you, but will not become violent, faint or die. I also sleepwalked once and woke up because my alarm clock rang, which is sudden, and nothing happened.

       Aircraft toilet waste

There are mentions saying that plane toilet waste is thrown outside the plane, while it is flying. No! It is actually stored in a tank and disposed on the ground. Old trains also dumped waste on tracks, but modern ones have tanks.

More myths

There we go, debunked myths, part 2

       Food before swimming

Maybe your parents tell you to not eat before going for a swim. If you ate too much, the effort will truly give you stomach aches, but if you eat normally, you should not drown. Not because of the food.


       Alcohol warms your body

It does not. It only dilates the blood vessels, stimulating more nerves at once, giving you a feeling of warmth.

       Rust causes tetanus

Rust may cause other infections, but not tetanus. I scratched myself deeply many times in rusty metal and I am fine.il_340x270.896170227_379b


       The 5-second rule

If food falls on the floor, you have 5 seconds to eat it and nothing will happen, right?  This was definitely made as a joke and this is NOT a fact. Bacteria contaminate food on the ground within milliseconds.


       Ice cream and colds

I bet you wanted to eat ice cream but your parents will tell you that you shouldn’t because it’s cold outside. Well, your inner body temperature will be the same as always, so eating ice cream on cold weather does not affect you in any way. You will not get a cold. Just if you eat it too fast, it might irritate your throat, but the same thing happens during summer, too!

       Tearing apart moles causes cancer

Many of us have heard that if e try to remove a mole we have, we will get skin cancer. But this is NOT a fact. Actually, you can get the mole tested to see if it contains cancerous cells, and if it doesn’t it can be surgically removed with ease. If it is cancerous, it can still be removed but the surgery is going to cost more.

       Emo people hate life

This is more of a stereotype, but a stereotype is, in the end, a myth. Many people say that being emo means that you hate life. But this is not true! Emo is short from emotion, and being emo means that you overreact over a specific emotion. This means that as much and as fast as you start hating life, you can also start loving it. The only thing is that emo people look for attention, and they gain it only when they show their sad thoughts.

About steganography

Steganography is the art of hiding a text in a image or an image in another one. Today I will teach you how to decode or hide a text into an image. Firstly, I recomend you to have theese two programs: FastStone image viewer to decode the text and gimp to hide the text. The methods are meant to be very hard to decode but I will show yu the easy and the hard-way-to-decode image.


Step 1. Choose your image


Choose an the image you want to hide the text in. To make it easyer choose a blank background one, like this:

Step 2. Take the color’s HTML code of the place you want to put the image in.


Step 3. Write the text with just a small difference of HTML notation. (instead of 100, change to 101, for example)

Step 3. Export it as a .png image.

Decoding the image


1. Save the image into your PC. (if it is not saved)

2. Download FastStone image viewer. (if you don’t have it)

3. Open with FastStone the image file then hover your mouse over the left side, then open colors and shuffle gamma, contrast, brightness until you see the text.


The OTHER way

Another way to introduce text into an image is writing the code in the image’s code. Just download Notepad++, open the image file using notepad, go to encoding in the upper menu and choose a code. Write your text anywhere amongst the other characters, save it and that’s it! Now, to decode you only have to edit agin and look for the text, trying different encoding options.

Abandoned places around the world

If you started to read this, means hat you like to explore abandoned places. Because I am a snake, I was not afraid of abandoned places…

  1. Brasov’s Catacombs                                                                                           In Romania, in Brasov are some abandoned tunnels. They have been used during WW2 as bunkers. The acces to the Catacombs is in a small forest. First you need to find the bastion. WARNING! Maybe now the Catacombs are not accesible. Just one of the entrances has the bars broken…download (1) The button will send you to the Bastion. Between the Bastion and the White Tower (in Romanian, Turnul Alb) is the oppened entrance…

( for more details, contact me :  stef@vimp.ro )

2. Hotel Capela, Valcea

In Romania, is an abandoned Hotel I don’t have too much to tell about it. Explore to find the tunnels.

download (1)

3. Pripyat, Ukraine

After the Cernobyl disaster, the Pripyat city has been abandoned because of the radiations. You can visit it for money, but I ddon’t think is safe! The legend tels that in the park the ghosts of the dead children still come to play…

download (1)


4. Canfranc Rail Station, Spain

Abandoned Rail Stations… Click the button!

download (1)


5. Hashima Island, Japan

A whole abandoned island, must be seen! I don’t have history to tell…

download (1)


6.    Hoia Baciu Forest

In Romania is a horror forest called Hoia Baciu. The legend tells that there live creatures and your nightmares come true. You should visit it, so here are the coordinates:    46.777979, 23.524375..

I hope you enjoyed my post! If you want to download Creepypastas about these places and photos, click the button bellow!

(  If you want details, contact me at stef@vimp.ro)


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