My country’s urban legends

       Urban legends are creepy stories, definitely NOT based on facts. I don’t know what are the most popular urban legends in other countries, but in mine are the following:

       The Black Ambulance

There is a popular myth only mindless people believe, which actually started in other balcanic countries, about an ambulance that is black and kidnaps people to take their organs. Organ trafficking is an issue around the world, in general, but in my country, it got for no apparent reason the name of Black Ambulance.

      The Hoiabaciu Forest

In my country, there is a forest which is said to be haunted. The whole thing about this forest did not start recently, it started before 1995, when the internet access in my country was extremely limited, so it had no influence on this legend. There are many people that claim to have seen ghosts, or had hallucinations. Personally, I won’t believe those rumors until I go there and see myself. Too bad I live far away from that place.


In this region, many fights during WW2 took place, and one of the country’s leaders is said to have been extremely cruel. By this means that many castles in this area are said to be haunted and people can hear screams from inside.


       Bezid lake


There are more than eight whole villages that were completely flooded. But in this lake, there is also a church. People could flee the place, so there were no reported casualties. However, priests still claim that there was a woman which drowned in there during the flood. She attempts to strangle anyone who has tight connections with the church, because no one helped her.


       The killer lake

Many years ago, there was a village by a lake. One day, the people woke up in the morning, sensing a rotten egg smell. The next morning, pigs, cows, horses, were all dead, lying on the ground. Older people also died. There was a research team sailing on the lake. The explanation for the deaths was that underneath the lake there was gas stuck under the ground and it was slowly leaking, reaching the surface and filling the village. Of course, there are legends that say that old people chocking can still be heard in the village and horses, too.

The Town

I don’t know why I am writing this journal. But I need you to tell you that two days ago something strange happened… I was working on a project on my laptop. I had the feeling that I was alone. Maybe was because I didn’t talked to another person for a long time. However, after I finished my project, I went out. But no sound. I thought: ,,OMG! This is creepy!” I am the guard in my apt. building, so I went back in my flat and started to stare at cameras. i was too scared to go out. I tryed to call my friends. Just Jack picked up. ,,Hi, Hack! Where are you?”  ,,I am at the pub. Wanna come?”  ,,No, thanks. I am tired…”  He told me that he is going to a party not to pub…

Jack called me and told me that he is at the entrance. He was on cameras, but with a strange voice. I didn’t opened the door, because he lives in the apt. building. He was suposed to have the keys. Jack is not Jack!

After a few hours, I receieved an e-mail: ,,Don’t open. Thrust ,,yourself” ‘. To thrust myself? My mind is telling me that everything is OK, but you know what? Is not OK! Maybe I am just paranoic but sometimes the paranoics don’t think wrong.

So the first sentence is telling that I need to stay in my apartment. The second one is telling, maybe, not to thrust the cameras, the reality or my mind.I need to thrust what I SEE not what I think. If my theory is true, there was no Jack on cameras and the town is empty.

After 10 hours of waiting, sending e-mails, try to call people, finally Amy answered. ,,Hi, Amy!”  ,,Oh god! I thought that I will stay in my apartment without talking with someone!”  ,,In your apartment? What happened?”    ,,Well, yesterday I realized that the town is getting empty. I don’t wanna go out because is creepy but I don’t know why!”   ,,The same thing is happening to me. We need to meet somewhere.”  ,,Come to my apartment! is not far from yours!”…

When I was about to open the door i remembered the e-mail: ,,Don’t open! Thrust ,,yourself.” ”   Well I will just ignore it. It’s from a unknown guy that doesn’t know about my friends, so I will go.

The town is full of people! Awesome! I ran to Amy’s apartment, but when I entered in her apartment, everyone was gone. Jack and Alex were in there. Jack. The fake one or the true one? I entered in Amy’s apartment. She locked the door and we started to discuss about those two days. They were the true ones…

After two hours of trying to find out what is happening we saw the door opened and Jack was missing. We locked it again, we made baricades at doors and windows. After we finished, Amy disapeared. I was all alone with Alex. We stared at the cameras one hour when suddently we saw Amy on cam 11 and Jack on cam 14. Jack was coming to Amy holding a knife.  Amy was in danger or she is just scared of Jack? Anyways, after five minutes we receieved another e-mail: ,,You oppened the door, Kyle! You thrusted the phone! Bad things will happen!” , ,Bad things? What bad things?” We heared a scream. It was Jack’s scream! In that moment we receieved the last e-mail: ,,Don’t open the ,,gate”! Thrust yourself! Come to the pub!”  Not to open the gate? Ok, this will be easy because I don’t need to open a gate. And ,,Come to pub!” ? So about doors that guy was right, so I better follow his plan. I just hope that this nightmare will end soon…

I loaded the gun and entered the pub. On a table was a paper:  ,,42090118786”  Coordinates? Phone number? A vault code? I tried on the GPS to enter the coordinates. The coordinates show my apartment location! I gave Alex a gun and we went to my apartment. There we saw some blood on the floor. The line of blood took me to the cellar. Nothing to see there. After hours of trying to find something in the cellar, we decided to give up and stay alive in that town. Why not? No enemies, no cops, we have food in the shops… Yeah! Thug Life!

Ok, maybe i was not thinking that way, but nevermind. We have to find out what the hell is hapening! But when we wanted to go outside, we realized that the door was locked. Three meters away frm door, on the floor, was sitting a letter:  ,,…I don’t know if I am mad, but when I came back to the main hall, something changed. I wonder what it is…”

The letter was cutted, so we couldn’t read it. The other pieces are… GOD-KNOWS-WHERE! Anyway, the guy that wrote was the victim and he wrote a journal like me! Maybe he is the one who sended the E-mails. But what is the ,,Main  Hall” ? We need to complete the letter to end this nightmare but we have no clue to keep going. We have just two phrases and we are locked in a cellar. And if we go out, then what we do? The only way out are the stinky vents! We have to use them!…

Finally we are out with another part of letter from the vent. So Jack went throught the vents. How do I know it was Jack? Well, one hour before we went in the cellar, Alex found Jack’s knife (on the knife was his name) and after we entered in the cellar I found Jack’s camera!…

Jack recorded his way out and some fighting with a guy with a mask. In the movie, Jack hurted the guy with the knife and ran away screaming:  ,,You again?” dropping his pieces of the letter. My theory is that Jack was hurted in my apartment by the guy and then went in the cellar…


(Liked the story? If you want part two let me know. But give me ideas for part 2 if you want the part2! But without death and blood! This is my own creepypaasta is not copyrighted!)