Grand Theft Auto-GTA VC

The storyline

The protagonist of the game is Tommy Vercetti, which gets into Vice City city after leaving prison. However, for him, life there is not easy. Everyone wants him dead.

  The Forelli Family (from GTA III) leader, Sonny, sends Tommy to a drug deal. Everyone is ambushed, but Tommy survives, losing the money and the cocaine. He informs Sonny that the deal was just a trap. Sonny lets Vercetti handle the situation by himself. Ken Rosenberg (who drove Tommy to the deal) tells Tommy about Juan Cortez, a formal colonel who set up the deal.

Later, Kent Paul tells Tommy that Teal knew what happened at the deal. The protagonist kills him and another survivor of the ambush, Lance Vance, teams with Tommy, both willing to take the money and drugs back. After this, Tommy is introduced by Rosenberg to Avery Carrington, who offers him protection from possible threats in exchange for work.

Tommy also works for Cortez, killing Gonzales, who is also responsible for the ambush. After a while, he and Lance assist another deal between Diaz’ Gang and the Cubans. This deal is also ambushed, Vercetti fighting back. He and Lance are offered work from Diaz. Later on, Lance finds out that Diaz’ Gang was behind the first ambush. Tommy wanted to perform a well-planned assassination (gain Diaz’ trust), but Lance uncovers them by trying another plan. Now that their cover was blown, they go straight to Diaz’ home and kill him.

Tommy slowly takes over the town by buying busineses, but Sonny gets impatient and personally comes in the city to get his money back. Tommy wants to give him fake money, but Lance betrays him by snitching that to Sonny. The Forellis try to kill Tommy. As revenge, he kills Lance Vance and Sonny. In the end, he makes Rosenberg his right hand.

Grand Theft Auto- GTA III

       I have just finished GTA5 and I chose to write this.

       We all heard about Grand Theft Auto. Complete missions, free roam, have fun testing mods and more! Here I will only talk about the more popular GTA games. Besides GTA III, GTA Vice City, San Andreas, IV, and GTA V there are less popular GTA’s which, in my opinion, are not worth playing, such as GTA Chinatown Wars, which… Well, see for yourselves what it looks like.

       GTA III

       This one is the very first 3D GTA. The story is quite simple: Claude, the protagonist, robs a bank with his girlfriend, Catalina and another man, Miguel. The men get shot by the girl and Claude is arrested. The police convoy is ambushed, the bridge that connects the rest of the city is destroyed by a bomb and Claude together with 8-Ball (who owns a car modification shop to install bombs) escape. Being stuck in that city, the protagonist makes a living by working for a club manager, Luigi, for Joey, the mechanic, Leone Salvatore, and Toni Cipriani. He mostly fights against the Triads and Forelli family. However, before finishing his work for Leone, he has the last job. To take a car and destroy it. Just before Claude reaches the car, he is warned by Maria that the car is just a trap. He meets her at the docks, together with her friend, Asuka. They all move to another island. Claude does various jobs for Asuka, killing Leone to prove loyalty and against the police and a casino manager altogether with a man which is found at a public bathroom.

       In the end, Claude finds Asuka and Miguel (not that important) dead, along with a note asking for 500.000$ ransom in exchange for Maria’s life. When Claude arrives at the location, the Cartel Mansion, Catalina flies away, leaving Maria on the dam with some men. Claude kills Catalina by shooting the helicopter and the men. As the screen turns black, there is a last gunshot. This is heard after Maria complains about her hair being ruined. Is this some dark humor or was she shot by Claude to not speak about anything?

Find out how to combat clickbait in 2019!

You got baited! Isn’t this ironic?

       I was searching for content to complain about when the word “Buzzfeed” came through my head. So I took a blush over their site and I was not disappointed. Frustrated, but not disappointed. Just what I expected!

       The reason for this post to exist is obvious. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! But what I actually dislike is the fact that this is just one of the few examples. The site is full of posts like this! And they all have the same format!

  1. Clickbait title (All of them include price and 2019.)
  2. Sub-titles (Which are actually descriptions but in Bold.)
  3. Photo of product (Just the photo.)
  4. More description (On the 10$ post you find out that the product is 9.95$.)

Now, that we know how all posts are made, we only have to analyze one.

       A pack of pimple patches to stop acne IN ITS TRACKS. They protect your skin, preventing further damage or reinfection, while absorbing oil and pus to shrink the zit and reduce redness, helping it heal *so* much faster.

Yes, that is the title! Now, let’s move on. Basically, this is a bandage but with cream on the sticky part. This product is worthless, yet it drew our attention over the title. But what am I analyzing? I was supposed to explain why this article is a clickbait one. This is just the title which gets the attention. The product is simple, so there is nothing to analyze about this. Just the way the description is made. A useless thing that gets attention with ease. Impressive.

The problem with racism

Many of us already know why racism is bad. But:

White people are the minority since Asians and Black people are more in number.

Back to the subject, there are people that get offended for good reasons, since they are victims of racism, but some of them become extremely annoying, because they get offended and overreact over non-existent racism acts.  For example, most of the black people get offended when they hear the N word (nigga), but that is just an appellative, which is not even addressed only to black people. It also means black, so they offend themselves, underestimating their skin color, thinking that was addressed to them for offensive purposes. It is just like that classmate that induces himself in a stupid, worthless depression stage then he calls life a mess. Now, don’t get me wrong, I find black people working in retail, for example, more friendly than white ones. It is in their genes. But usually, they are also the loud ones. That is not necessarily a bad thing since that makes them better at speaking and acting, but if you try to stop a black person from holding their point (interrupt them) they will get offended in a serious way. Many things like this also happen to Asians.

Stereotyping is also something that is not supposed to offend anyone, but it does. Why? Because people hate when others assume that they are something or do something they do not. I was told I wear the same clothes every day. For some reason, that offended me, even if I did not wear the same clothes.

A simple life hack

Are you going on a holiday and you are afraid to embarrass yourself? Take this advice: Carefully read for about 10 minutes about what problems that country has or even search for what the people of that country hate.

Example: In England you can end up in a fight or argument if you joke about drinking (their policy is harsh) or talk with a superior tone to emigrants (it's easy to spot one, they just stand out). Let's say they laugh loudly in a canteen. Instead of saying: "Shut up!" or "Keep it quiet", say:"Ummmm... Excuse me... Can you please keep your voices a little bit lower?" But you have to say this as you are a waiter. Do not be too bossy but neither too scared, so they will somehow feel bad if they will keep being noisy.

Cyberbullying and school

       I have noticed that cyberbullying is becoming a popular topic. At least in my class. But this is NOT supposed to be a real concern. Now, people that got cyberbullied might be thinking (*mockingly)”But I got cyberbullied!”. Yes, you were cyberbullied but that is not a real problem. Why? Because you can log out of your Instagram or whatever platform you were bullied on, you can block the bully, you can NOT accept friend requests from strangers. Besides, the bully’s account will be closed if you report him, so they will not harm your weak feelings again.

       But I did not mention school yet! What I hate the most is when online arguments between classmates become a subject to discuss in class. This is worthless, since you can also reply and roast the bully so hard that you ruin their life or you can simply do what I said above. Moreover, the argument was not a bloody fight and did not happen because of school, so why is this evolving to waste *precious* class time when kids can deal with it themselves.

However, there are ways you can be harmed on social media, usually when someone publicly shares rumors about you. Then you can do nothing but strike back. And I will give you some tips in another post.

       This video


       Basically, this boy made a popular video about cyberbullying.  I am unsure about the reason. School project or personal experience? Anyways, I will shortly describe the video. This boy keeps getting hate messages online. After every hate message is received, he gets hit, out of nowhere. In the end he hangs himself. While analyzing this video, I could see that mistakes were made. First off, the messages where the “Your mom gay.” kind. Instead, the boy did not reply with “No U!”. He just let a random person call him fat or gay, without blocking them or replying.

       The difference

Now, I expressed my opinion about cyberbullying. Now, what is the difference between bullying and cyberbullying? The first difference is which one you can avoid. Bullying happens at school. We can say that it happens in society. And you can’t live outside a society and not develop mental problems. So if you are bullied, you have more options. Either you take the bullying in face, you exile yourself from society or you take action. I remember when I was in fifth grade, a classmate bullied me and after two weeks I hit his head on the whiteboard. No one saw that and he left me alone. This is what you do in real life. And what you can do online is what you read.