About steganography

Steganography is the art of hiding a text in a image or an image in another one. Today I will teach you how to decode or hide a text into an image. Firstly, I recomend you to have theese two programs: FastStone image viewer to decode the text and gimp to hide the text. The methods are meant to be very hard to decode but I will show yu the easy and the hard-way-to-decode image.


Step 1. Choose your image


Choose an the image you want to hide the text in. To make it easyer choose a blank background one, like this:

Step 2. Take the color’s HTML code of the place you want to put the image in.


Step 3. Write the text with just a small difference of HTML notation. (instead of 100, change to 101, for example)

Step 3. Export it as a .png image.

Decoding the image


1. Save the image into your PC. (if it is not saved)

2. Download FastStone image viewer. (if you don’t have it)

3. Open with FastStone the image file then hover your mouse over the left side, then open colors and shuffle gamma, contrast, brightness until you see the text.


The OTHER way

Another way to introduce text into an image is writing the code in the image’s code. Just download Notepad++, open the image file using notepad, go to encoding in the upper menu and choose a code. Write your text anywhere amongst the other characters, save it and that’s it! Now, to decode you only have to edit agin and look for the text, trying different encoding options.