Abandoned places around the world

If you started to read this, means hat you like to explore abandoned places. Because I am a snake, I was not afraid of abandoned places…

  1. Brasov’s Catacombs                                                                                           In Romania, in Brasov are some abandoned tunnels. They have been used during WW2 as bunkers. The acces to the Catacombs is in a small forest. First you need to find the bastion. WARNING! Maybe now the Catacombs are not accesible. Just one of the entrances has the bars broken…download (1) The button will send you to the Bastion. Between the Bastion and the White Tower (in Romanian, Turnul Alb) is the oppened entrance…

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2. Hotel Capela, Valcea

In Romania, is an abandoned Hotel I don’t have too much to tell about it. Explore to find the tunnels.

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3. Pripyat, Ukraine

After the Cernobyl disaster, the Pripyat city has been abandoned because of the radiations. You can visit it for money, but I ddon’t think is safe! The legend tels that in the park the ghosts of the dead children still come to play…

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4. Canfranc Rail Station, Spain

Abandoned Rail Stations… Click the button!

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5. Hashima Island, Japan

A whole abandoned island, must be seen! I don’t have history to tell…

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6.    Hoia Baciu Forest

In Romania is a horror forest called Hoia Baciu. The legend tells that there live creatures and your nightmares come true. You should visit it, so here are the coordinates:    46.777979, 23.524375..

I hope you enjoyed my post! If you want to download Creepypastas about these places and photos, click the button bellow!

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