Wayward pines
Wayward pines is a TV series created after Blake Crouch’s novels. In the series the story of season 1 is about Ethan Burke, a secret agent that had to look for 2 missing agents has a car crash and wakes up in a a poorly dotadet hospital in Wayward town, Idaho. After a while, he meets a barista that gives him a clue: “There are no crickets in Wayward .”. After he left the bar, he found a sound system hidden in a bush that simulates a cricket sound. From this point, he begins to be suspicious about everything. He finds out the thruth about the town after he learns the story of a dead agent he was supposed to look for: the town preserved the last human species. The creatures outside the sorrrounding fence are ,,Abbies”, involved cannibal humans that are far more dangerous than bears and more intelligent.
Ethan tells the people the truth about the city, after he becomes the Sherrif, because he didn’t want to execute people annymore for making minor mistakes. And David, the creator of the town, in response opens the gates and prepares the awakening of group C, in order to remake the town. The reason he does this is that the last time people found out the thruth an anarchy began among with mass suicides. At the end of season 1, Ethan with his wife save some people from the Abbies and bring them into the command base of the town. Ethan explodes himself while into the elevator to stop the creatures from climbing into the base. Meanwhile, Pam, David’s sister, kills him for doing such a horrible thing.
In season 2, we are told more about the past of the town and The First Generation (teenagers) take over the town. Kate, one of the missing agents commit suicicde, because she didn’t want to live in that future, with Jason, a teenager that executed her husband against the Sherrif’s will, rulling the town. But a new main character appears: Dr. Yedlin. He finds out the thruth too late and he refused to believe until he saw with his own eyes an Abbie in a cage, for reasearch. Later on, Yedlin tries to tame the female leader of the Abbies, but Jason tries to kill her, so the plan was a failure. Besides, Abbies learnt how to use fire and burned the recolts, so the food supply was low and they were hathering around the fence.
In the end, they leave half of the people in town and the rest of them go back to criogenic sleep, so when they wake up everything will be back to normal.